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Master Bushing, Casing Bushing, Kelly Bushing, Rotary Slip, Bit Breakers, Bit Gauges, Mud Bucket, Drill Collar Slip, Casing Pipe Slips, Tongs Dies and Inserts

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Oil Tools
Oil Well Drilling Tools

Janki Oil Tools is a one of the most well known name in the field of equipments and components manufactring of Oil Well Drilling field. The oranisation has an extensive experience of 30 years in the industry. Our sucess is a proof of our quality policy, reliability and customer satisfaction. We also known for our responsibility towards employee welface, energy conservation and environmental protection.Janki Oil Tools is Authorized to use the official API 7K Monogram L no 0168 & ISO 9001 Our expertise includes manufacturing Master Bushing, Casing Bushing, Roller Kelly Bushing, Rotary Slip, Drill Collar Slip, Casing Slip, Power Slip, Safety Clamp, Tong Dies, Bit Breaker, Bit Gauges, and Mud Bucket etc. We also undertake repairing & reconditions of Rotary Table, handling Tools, Drill Pipe Spinner, etc


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