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Master Bushing
Casing Bushing
Roller Kelly Bushing
Bit Breaker
Bit & Stabilizer Gauges
Mud Bucket Manual type
Mud Bucket Hyd. / Pneumatic
Rotary Slips
Drill Collar Slips
Casing Pipes Slips
Tong Dies & Slip inserts
Safety Clamps Manual type
Safety Clamps Hydraulic type
Power Slip Lifter
Bushing Hose Protector
Wear Guide Assembly
Adapter Plate for Tubing Spider
Adapter Plate for Bit Breaker
Drift Casing & Tubing
JOT Supply Range
Bin for Barrel, Drill Pipe, Tools

About JOT

Janki Oil Tools was established in the year 1993, a well known manufacturer of Oil Field Equipments and Drilling Rig Spares, since its inception it has been serving to the best of its ability to the satisfaction of both Indian and International market. The company has been engaged in research, design, manufacturing and general assembling of oil well drilling rig equipments for oil exploration and development. Our commitment to ensure quality and performance in product and services has made us prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter.



The company is certified with API-7K monogram license No. 7K-0168 for Rotary Bushing, Rotary Slips & Safety Clamp and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the API-Q1 specifications and is also fully aligned with ISO standards. It also recognizes and discharges its responsibility towards employee welfare, energy conservation and environmental protection and in-house inspection and testing facilities.

The Government of India had honoured the founder of Janki Oil Tools with the prestigious "National Award" in the year 1984 for his services towards innovative improvements in Oil Well Drilling sector.



JOT is also working closely with its clients and suppliers since its inception and ensuring that it is in a position to offer the required equipments and quality complying with International standards.

Company provides warranty towards its products and also provides services for reconditioning of equipments which helps it to lead in Oil Field Industry. Our integrated maintenance system helps us to meet delivery terms of our valuable customers to provide them ultimate satisfaction.

We understand the critical requirements of this industry to provide on-time delivery at competitive prices with immediate product availability.

The company also conducts apprenticeship programs to develop technical employees to ensure their understanding in related fields to assure continuous developments in this industry.


Vision and Mission

To develop, design, manufacture and supply high quality Oil field Tools. To establish warehouses and distributing centres to serve the developing and demanding market of Oil Field Industries of various Nations.

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